Posted: Jun 09, 2015

City finds Queens unwelcoming

The City is trying to move the latest lawsuit attacking its failure to regulate Uber out of Queens.

In the lawsuit, four lenders who finance the purchase of taxi medallions argue that the city and its TLC  are letting ride-share companies such as Uber pick up passengers who hail cars using smartphone apps, which is tantamount to accepting street hails. By letting Uber and others operate freely, the city is depriving medallions holders of their exclusive right to respond to street hails, the lawsuit alleges.

The City says that the case should be in Manhattan, where a similar case has been filed, because the Mayor’s principal place of business is there. Lawyers for the plaintiffs called the City’s motion “judge shopping.” They note also that the TLC’s largest office is in Queens and that a plurality of taxi drivers live in Queens.

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