Posted: Jun 11, 2013

Bloomberg’s Outer Borough Taxis Back In Business

On June 6, the New York Court of Appeals, the highest court in NY state, unanimously upheld the Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to radically expand so-called street-hail taxi service beyond Manhattan, signaling a fundamental shift in New York City’s entrenched taxi culture. The decision permits a plan, which had been held in violation of New York’s […]

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Posted: Jun 11, 2013

New Orleans Cab Companies Denied Cert

On May 20, the Supreme Court denied cert in Melancon et al v. City of New Orleans, a case coming out of the 5th Circuit challenging a massive re-regulation of the taxi industry in the Big Easy. These ordinances banned the use of law enforcement vehicles, vehicles previously used as taxis in other jurisdictions, and […]

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Posted: Jun 10, 2013

TLC’s Rate 4 Proof Rejected

Back in 2010, the TLC announced what it termed a major scandal. Taxi drivers were, according to then Chairman Matthew Daus, routinely ripping off passengers by pressing the “Rate 4” button on their meters, thus charging the higher out-of-town rate instead of the city rate. Almost as soon as the TLC announced the scale of […]

Jun 10, 2013 | Filed under: Ackman, Blog, Fourth Amendment, GPS, Jones, overcharge, Rate 4, search and seizure, TLC court, Weaver by Adam Lingle
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