e side, also get his shout, as if with a Taoist lion roar skill, straight to the heart of people, people can not compete with him. Sure enough, Xiao Xiao generals roared his silent, his head did not dare to lift it. His face flashed a touch of confused look, after a long time, only some come back to God Ti. One o.f the servants around him was also attached to his ear and said, The rules of the Centurion and Persian are the same. It depends on the woman s face and indeed is the man who provokes others Xiao Jun will head flashed a hint of dense sweat, he. bending bow down and said, I m sorry, I do not understand the rules of Persia, so forget it The Persian men seem to expect so early, the weather like A smile, said, I do not know who is not blame, look at this Xiongtai is also a man of nature, so fills me, I will not be held criminally abusive brother, Amazon do Amazon Certification not do this. Such as nine almost d.id not laugh. It was people who come to arrest people, and finally turned into a forgiveness of the people you have been overly abrupt That Xiaojun generals nodded, son of a large number of children, please Finished waved, so that people under the Amazon it exam card opened the door. Chapter 750 Chapter 750 Unnecessary lady carriage all the way through

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